Collection and Legal Services 
Common Properties Management offers legal and collections services that can significantly lower your community's delinquency while being cost effective, efficient, and respectful to owners and residents. We keep communications open with clients, providing them with understandable, transparent reporting. 

Please look at the "Collection and Legals Services Offered" below to see how we can fit your legal and collection needs. If you would like a detailed explanation of our services, please call us 612-767-2110 or email us at

If you are requesting resale disclosure packets, quetionnaires, dues current letters or association documents, please send your request to
Collection and Legal Services Offered:
  • Correspondence
  • Phone Communication
  • Email Contact
  • Late Letters
  • Demand for Payment Letters
  • Payment Plans
  • Eviction Action Complaints
  • Foreclosures
  • Liens
  • Housing Court
  • Concilliation Court
  • Sheriff Sales
Should you require an attorney, Common Properties Management also works with several experienced attorneys specializing in townhomes, condominiums, cooperative housing, manufacted housing, single family homes, apartments, storage facilities and more.
If you have any questions regarding services offered, please contact us at 612-767-2110 or at